About us, and what BIOHeretics is

BIOHeretics is an unofficial website about BIONICLE, a popular line of action figures released by The LEGO Group in 2001 which was discontinued in 2010. A rebooted version of the line was later launched in 2015 and subsequently cancelled in late 2016. Originally BH was dedicated strictly to fan theories about the theme’s lore (hence the name of the site) but has since become the home of book reviews and the latest BIONICLE news.


Sebastian "Kluuucha" Kobiela Administrator, Bbp_keymaster

An eccentric, a philanthropist, a millionaire... I'm not any of these. But I'm a great enthusiast of the LEGO BIONICLE series, and what’s more important than your hobby? I've been a fan of the series since 2002, and since then I’ve sunk in this universe so deeply I don't know what kind of man I’d be without it. I'm also into informatics, digital graphics and Pokemon (As if I wasn’t nerdy enough already).

Kontakt: kluuucha@bioheretics.pl

Wojciech "Wartunate" Zaremba Editor

If you think that writing political theories is just a result of me drawing the wrong straw, you’re probably right - that’s just what you think. So if you’re interested in analyses of wars, political plots or rants about the society of the BIONICLE world, you can consider yourself my reader. I’m also interested in Star Wars, books, films and comics.

Kontakt: wartunate@bioheretics.pl