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An eccentric, a philanthropist, a millionaire... I'm not any of these. But I'm a great enthusiast of the LEGO BIONICLE series, and what’s more important than your hobby? I've been a fan of the series since 2002, and since then I’ve sunk in this universe so deeply I don't know what kind of man I’d be without it. I'm also into informatics, digital graphics and Pokemon (As if I wasn’t nerdy enough already).

Kontakt: kluuucha@bioheretics.pl

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Toa never kill

Published: 19-04-15

Welcome. Today, we’re still dealing with law. But we’ll leave the political system of the universe for now, and take […]

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Six as a base

Published: 15-03-15

Welcome. This week we’re back in the old universe for good. But let’s start from something light: The numeral system. […]

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Ekimu and Makuta are Great Beings

Published: 15-02-15

Hello! Today I’ll present to You the first from (probably) three theories, which are aiming to prove that old and […]

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