Ekimu and Makuta are Great Beings

Unity of universes theory Pt. I


Today I’ll present to You the first from (probably) three theories, which are aiming to prove that old and new BIONICLE series are connected with something more than heroes’ names. I won’t hide that this text has inspired me to make this blog. I hope that You’ll like it. So, without further ado, let’s get started. Enjoy!

Year 2015 has brought the best news for BIONICLE fans since the incident of ’10. Namely, in this year the LEGO BIONICLE line returned to the shops, bringing joy to both children and (in some cases) their parents. But You can’t please everyone because there’s always a bone of contention. In this case it’s the story.

           The new line begins in the following way:

           On the Okoto island live two brothers: Ekimu and Makuta. They’re considered by fellow citizens great mask makers. Makuta is jealous of Ekimu’s masterpiece, the Mask of Creation. He decides to break the agreement saying that the mask can’t wield more than one power and he fills one of them with all possible, creating the Mask of Ultimate Power. After putting it on his face the Mask has taken control over Makuta and the entire island has stood on the edge of destruction. Ekimu, noticing what has happened, knocks the mask off his brother’s head causing an energy explosion and throwing both masters into the endless sleep. However, sleeping Ekimu passes telepathic prophecy to six village leaders, who in an hour of danger should summon the heroes, whose goal is to obtain golden masks, wake Ekimu up and saving the island…

           A lot of fans are outraged by the concept of the series reboot. There is still a lot of unfinished plots; Velika runs around on Spherus Magna and kills different creatures, Kopaka and Pohatu are stuck on the Red Star and Marendar has set out on the hunt. You could list it forever.

           Indeed, when we compare both stories they’re connected only by the Toa characters and the name Makuta, but even the blind can notice that it’s a whole new story, although inspired by the first years of BIONICLE. However what if both of those storylines are more related than we think? I’m not talking about the theory of the Mask of Time, because in my opinion it’s too obvious (although I’ll continue it in the future). After a bit of digging, thinking and talking to friends (thanks to CJTMK) I finally know how to link two poles of a magnet. It will probably be a controversial  theory, but those are the best. So I present to you my hypothesis:


Ekimu and Makuta are Great Beings.


           The starting point to explaining this theory is the Core War. If you’re interested in this text you probably know the history of Matoran Universe. Nevertheless here’s a quick summary:

           On Spherus Magna the power is wielded by a group of scientists called Great Beings. Their passion of creation argues with their responsibilities given to them by the planets’ residents, Agori and Glatorians. They choose six of the most powerful warriors, giving them powers to control the elements, after which they give the control of the planet to them. However, status quo of this situation is shaken after discovering frighteningly powerful substance that leaks out of the planet’s core; the Energized Protodermis. A conflict erupts between the six Element Lords, despite the GB’s warnings about the danger connected with attempts to extract the substance. This conflict writes into the history as the Core War. Resigned scientists divide into two groups; one, in an act of despair makes a pacifying weapon called Baterra, and the other one, building a machine that is supposed to fix the consequences of the Core War. This machine is filled with nanotechnological, biomechanical creatures based on Agori that are given the task of keeping operability of the robot. His name is Mata Nui…

Here begins our journey from Spherus Magna onto Okoto. It’s not known what happened to the Great Beings after the Shattering, except for few exceptions. However, let’s take a closer look to their figures. For this purpose I’ll refer to the article from site BS01:


  • Angonce – A Great Being who was rumored to have taught a female Skrall how to amplify her powers. He was known to be curious about the Agori.
  • Heremus – One of the Great Beings who worked on the Baterra
  • Velika – A Great Being who was in the Matoran Universe for 100,000 years, posing as one of its inhabitants. Recently escaped to the reformed Spherus Magna.
  • A Great Being that touched the Kanohi Ignika and was cursed by it; later driven insane and imprisoned. He recently contacted Vezon, who came to his cell on Bota Magna.
  • Two Great Beings that hid the Kanohi Ignika and Scroll of Preparations in the Matoran Universe


           Even though we don’t know the exact number of Great Beings, of those known to us, more or less, there’s exactly 6. Considering that none of them has changed the name (that’d create chaos in the entire story, not only this theory), the first three drops out immediately. The cursed scientist also can’t actively participate, because he was imprisoned on Spherus Magna even before the Shattering.  We’re left with two. This two who have hidden the mask of life. You can read about this event in the opening to the sixth part of the BIONICLE: Legends books, “Inferno”. The dialogue that is conducted there by the scientists gives us the view of their characters. This description doesn’t bring too much to this theory, unless we know more precise characteristics of Ekimu and Makuta.

But there’s one thing, one quote that we should take a look at. Near the end of the talk about the mask, when one of the Beings wants to go out of the cave, the second one says the following words:


“Afraid of something you made yourself?”


           Now we have a clue that connects those Beings with Ekimu and Makuta. Namely, Mask of Life is the most powerful artifact of the Matoran Universe, the most powerful out of all the Great Masks. And we find out that one of the two was it’s maker, and it’s greatly probable that both of them were making it. On the other side we have our two brothers who, according to the Legend were great Mask Makers. And saying about their achievements we notice one of the masks made by Ekimu. His greatest treasure, which he always had near him and which was the cause of the quarrel between him and Makuta; the Mask of Creation. We highlight that a similar mask exists in (I don’t like this term) the Old Universe. It was wielded by Artakha, but it wasn’t his work, but the Great Beings themselves. Additionally we know for sure that “Only the Great Beings know how to make another Mask of Creation”. And, if we accept that both universes are really one it becomes clear that Ekimu, as a maker of the second Mask of Creation, must have this knowledge, ergo: he’s a Great Being.

           “Very well” You can say, “But why are they on Okoto and not some other place existing on Spherus Magna?” Here we come back to the mission of two Great Beings, who I’ve identificated before as Ekimu and Makuta. Remember, that Mata Nui was being built during the Core War, which resulted in the Shattering. We also have to know that the shattering of a planet happened almost without a warning, the Great Beings could only initiate the start of the robot. We know that inside the Universe remains one of GB’s, Velika, hidden as a Po-Matoran. And what if there’s more of them?

In my honest opinion there’s a possibility that Ekimu and Makuta couldn’t escape from the robot’s frame before the start, thus being trapped and shot up into space. We’re at the point, in which they both left Spherus Magna (which technically didn’t exist a moment after the start).

           We have to remember, that in the writings of the Matoran Universe there’s no information about the Great Beings, who could have been residing in the universe after the beginning of the Great Spirit’s mission. They must’ve been hiding in a place about which nobody from the citizens of the robot knows, which is almost impossible to get to. This place could be the Core Processor, a place that exists deep under the Metru Nui Colosseum, filled with complicated machinery. In this place resided Mata Nui’s spirit, allowing him the control over the Universe. As Mata Nui could locate every living being inside him there are two possibilities:


  1. Mata Nui couldn’t detect beings from outside of the Universe
  2. At the behest of his masters he left it as a secret.


Personally I prefer the second option.

           In this place we come to the culmination of the events, which is landing on Okoto. Let’s remember what was the Great Spirit’s mission; Observation of the cosmos in order to get the information needed to recreate Spherus Magna and preventing similar incident in the future. We also know that he didn’t land on planets. We have to go back to the only moment of landing in the original mission known to us. This moment is the Great Cataclysm. As we know, Mata Nui was then infected by Teridax with a virus, that should put him asleep to implement the Plan. Despite the fact that the robot fell on Aqua Magna instead of emergency landing, it had to direct itself into it’s gravitational field. So we know when the landing takes place; When the “repair” of the Great Spirit is needed, which consisted of healing with the energy of the Mask of Life.

To define the time of emergency landing we need another example of using the Mask to save Mata Nui. This example is the Great Disruption, which is the result of the Matoran Civil War in Metru Nui. In a big summary:

           As a result of embittered quarrel between Ta- and Po-Metru concerning counterfeited goods out of protodermis by the second ones a civilian conflict has started, at first between the warring Metru, later widening onto the whole city. Brotherhood of Makuta  has suppressed the conflict and later spread it’s members onto the assigned areas of the universe to guard the order. However, the war has caused an illness of Mata Nui, lasting 400 years and putting him on the edge of death. Rescue has come from Toa Jovan’s team.

           Matoran Civil War has taken place 79.500 years before the story of the first BIONICLE generation. It means that it begun 20.500 years after Spherus Magna shattering. This time Ekimu and Makuta have spent in Core Processor (as a proof I can give the writings and bodies of two Glatorians found there by Toa Hagah after getting a mission to stop Teridax; maybe they’ve spent this time on precise autopsy and deeper understanding of their biology to be able to create better Matorans in the future, we don’t know that). However, in the moment that the War has begun to cause havoc in the Great Spirit, he has landed on a planet, on which lied… the Okoto island.

           Here we are, but we need a reason, for which the Brothers stayed on this faraway planet (remember that the travel here has taken 20.500 years). If we let our imagination run wild we can involve a little intrigue here. Namely, when Mata Nui was ill, every inhabitant of his body went above and beyond to get him back on his feet. This confusion was used by Ekimu and Makuta to go out and watch the newly discovered land, collecting so valuable knowledge. However, Velika, who had his eyes open wide in the moment of their return cut them off, closing the hatches before the time (it was with a profit to his plan, because now nobody in the Universe could identify him).

           It is for sure that in the first moments they didn’t know what to do, but the Legend says they’ve became great Mask Makers. Due to this we can predict that they’ve started new research on an unknown planet and later they’ve started using their knowledge to help natives in their growth. Maybe the Okoto civilization would look completely different if not for Ekimu and Makuta.

           And here we finish this theory. Brothers are trapped inside the Great Spirit frame after the mission to hide the Mask of Life they’ve come to Okoto. Left here by Velika they’ve researched the island and helped it to develop, and with time they were hailed great Mask Makers and the Okoto heroes.

Published: 15-02-2015

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